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The Basel Action Network strongly supports those entrepreneurs and businesses that offer green products that serve as real solutions to our current environmental crisis. Until consumers have more rights to design our products, we can only take a stand through our consumer choices. Lets make good ones! On this page we allow advertisers to present their goods. Proceeds from these ads go to support BAN.


BAN supports the following types of green products or services:

Toxic-Free Products
PVC-Free Products
Organic Foods
Soy-Based Inks
100% Post-Consumer Recycled Papers
Tree-Free Papers (Kenaf and Hemp based)
Chlorine-Free Products
Lead-free Products
Green Cotton
Organic Cotton
Composting Toilets
Composting systems
Wind Energy, Turbines
Solar Energy, cells, heaters
Mercury-free Products
Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Bio-dynamic Products
Hormone Free meats
GMO free
Re-usable bags and products
Without Animal Products
Organic Seeds
Heirloom Seeds
Recycled Content
Biodegradable Products
Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Fisheries
Wild Salmon


While we cannot guarantee the environmental soundness of each or any of the products advertised on this page, you will nevertheless find a variety of excellent avenues on these pages toward significant alternatives in sustainable consumption.

Thanks for shopping at the BAN Marketplace!


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